Some days Ethel feels like communicating.
Some days she doesn’t!

Unlike Ethel, if youʼre in business, you donʼt have that luxury

You have a product or services you want to sell. There are potential clients out there who will want to buy your product or use your services. However, unless you communicate with them clearly and well, there’s going to be nothing doing! That’s where we come in, we’re copywriters and it’s our job to help you get your message across with complete clarity.

Things worth knowing about us:

  • We are specialists at sticking our noses into other people’s businesses, because the more we learn about what you do, the better we can convey it to everyone else.
  • We are not creative prima donnas, so won’t have a hissy fit if you don’t like some of our suggestions.
  • To every project-mix, we like to bring a hefty whack of plain common sense and practicality.

We do work to some tried and tested rules, as follows:

Brevity / We try never to use several words when one will do. Yes, we know Shakespeare did, but he was working to a completely different agenda.Clarity / We believe in presenting your business succinctly. If we don’t, people's eyes start to glaze over and that's never a good sign.Originality / We make your business message memorable but also believe your personality should come through - with a bit of luck people might like you!Acceptance / Don’t worry if you’re not entirely sure what you want to say. We will be!